Well stocked Library & Reading room are available in the ground floor of the main building. It is aesthetically designed, well stocked and is popular with all members. The timings will be as follows for all days (Except Tuesday) :- (a) Morning - 10.00 am to 2.00 pm (b) Evening - 6.00 pm to 10 pm .


Tombola is organized on Satturday evenings. This is a popular event and attended by most members..


Coffee shop provides all kinds of beverages, ice creams, chats, rolls, momos etc. It also sells cold products like sausages, salamis etc.


Three Synthetic Courts are available to the Tennis enthusiasts.

In-house tournaments and inter-club tournaments are organized.

A qualified Tennis coach imparts coaching to fresh aspirants thrice weekly i.e., Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Timings :

Members - 1500h-2000h (Mon,Thu,Sat & Sun) 1600h-1830h (Wed & Fri)

Dependents - 1500h-1600h Tennis Coaching : Wed & Fri - 1830h-2030h Sun - 0930h-1130h

Tuesday - Closed for maintenance.


The squash court with wooden flooring is another popular sports facility.

In house tournaments and inter-club tournaments are also held regularly.

Timings :

Morning - 0600h-0830h (Members) 0830h-1030h (Children)

Evening - 1600h-1800h (Members) 1800h-2000h (Children)

Sunday Morning - 0600h-0900h (Members) 0900h-1100h (Children)

Tuesday - Closed for maintenance .


Four Aces is well ventilated room wherein card lovers throng to play Bridge and Rummy. The Facility is utilized by ladies to play Mahjong. Timings : Morning - 1100h-1330h (Bridge) Evening - 1500h-2200h (Rummy) Tuesday - Closed for maintenance.


A grand old Billiards table adorns the Billiards Parlour. This is one facility which is buzzing with activity at all times. Regular in house tournaments and inter-club tournaments are played regularly. Timings : Morning - 1000h-1430h Evening - 1800h-2200h Saturday - 1500h-2230h Sunday Morning - 1000h-1430h Sunday Evening - 1600h-2000h Tuesday - Closed for maintenance.


Twin court with international standard playing surface is available for Badminton enthusiasts.

Badminton coach is available.

Timings : Morning - 0600h-1000h Evening - 1600h-2000h Sunday - 0600h-1000h

Tuesday - Closed for maintenance.


Swimming Pool within the institute premises caters to needs of the swimming enthusiasts.

Timings :

Morning - 0600h-1100h (Open to all) Evening - 1600h-2000h* (Open to all)

*Children below 18yrs are not allowed from 1800h-2000h.

Tuesday - Closed for maintenance.